Name of Organisation: The Great Out-tours Limited
Positions being advertised: A franchise business opportunity to inspire children in the countryside within your own County.
Closing date for applications: Ongoing
Salary: Up to £100 per hour
Location: Your home County / area

New Year, New You? A special Great Out-tours Franchise offer ONLY VALID for Forest School Association members: A three-month‘ franchise trading trial’ with 80% income royalty returns guaranteed but without the tie of paying the franchise license engagement fee’. *

How to apply: Would you like to run your own Full or Part Time Business (franchise) that inspires children in the flows of the rich and varied countryside calendar in your own County/Country?

The Great Out-tours Limited are looking for people who are passionate about the great outdoors and inspiring the imaginative minds of children, using the school countryside stage.

Our very first ‘pioneering’ West Sussex franchise is run by Forest School Leader/Business Owner Samantha Cross who quotes “Via the Great Out-tours after school club ‘Four Seasons Activity Programme’ children get access to the outdoors through its seasonally themed activities. The club sessions we run offer opportunities for education, practical skills development, teamwork and a whole heap of fun! The schools love it, as it is a great complement to their offering, giving support to the curriculum and after-school care. I have found that rather than conflicting with my Forest School business, it has dovetailed beautifully. The two businesses complement each other. More to the point, the children love it.”

Four new ‘Forest School Practitioner-led’ Great Out-tours franchises, have now established AS A DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of their application to our franchise job advert on (15 March 2018). We have a number of successful candidates in the final stages of Great Out-tours franchise engagement. You too could be next?

We are keen to engage more ‘Forest School Practitioner-led’ franchises across the UK. From first-hand experience, we have a strong belief that Forest School business owners/practitioners hold the necessary skillsets, knowledge & passion to most successfully run our Great Out-tours franchises.

For comprehensive details about this exciting and hugely rewarding opportunity, click here to view a detailed introduction to our franchise opportunity.

 Contact: Interested applicants are invited to complete a contact form within the ‘Franchise’ page of our website which starts the exciting franchise journey! Kindly follow this contact route for faster application processing/consideration. The Great Out-tours contact for all franchise application enquiries is John Brooksbank.

 Job description:

  • Are you currently running an outdoor business (such as a Forest School) & would like to increase your earning potential, whilst maintaining your existing product delivery?
  • Are you at a stage of your life and career where you are reflecting on what the next steps in your professional journey should/might be?
  • Would you like the opportunity to create the same joy and inspiration within children\’s lives as we do?

Via an exciting & curriculum supporting ‘Four Seasons Activity learning programme’, The Great Out-tours specialise in running after-school clubs, in-school workshops (complementing any existing Forest School activities), weekend clubs and parties.

The Great Out-tours are expanding and looking to engage franchise partners throughout the United Kingdom.

  • Run your own Great Out-tours franchise business that inspires children in the flows of the rich & varied countryside calendar.
  • Such a business will not conflict with your existing Forest School business or product, rather dovetail and complement it!
  • For a full introduction to this exciting and hugely rewarding franchise business opportunity, click here.

Person specification:

We are looking for people who are passionate about the great outdoors and most of all inspiring the imaginative minds of children.
An ideal candidate will be practically talented, enthusiastic, illuminating & willing to work hard. Sound knowledge of, or upbringing in the UK countryside and an understanding of the flows of the seasons, is most advantageous.

Being self-motivated and happy to work alone for the ultimate positive gain of the franchise business, is a key requirement.

For general background information about The Great Out-tours, click on

The Great Out-tours have been nominated in two categories of the prestigious ‘Rural Business Awards’.
Best Rural Professional Services Business
Best Rural Recreational or Outdoor Pursuits Business
**Reaction to this news.**
We are expanding!

 *Promotion terms: To secure this offer, interested candidates must lodge their franchise trial interest in the month of March or April 2019, using the franchise opportunity contact pathway described in this job posting. Subsequent to successful interview/pathway completion, the 3-month franchise ‘trading trial’ must take place in the Summer/Autumn 2019 academic terms. The 3-month trial must be run over consecutive months. Following the 3-month trial, if the practitioner wishes to continue with the franchise opportunity, the engagement license fee becomes payable. If not, no further financial/employment obligation applies.

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