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Database of FSA Registered and Endorsed Forest School Trainers below. The trainers mapped and listed below have all demonstrated that they meet a variety of standards associated with providing high quality training experiences. As such they are recognised by us as being FSA Registered Forest School Trainers (those that have met our Stage 1 criteria via a desktop assessment, working towards becoming fully endorsed) or FSA Endorsed Forest School Trainers (those that have met our Stage 2 and 3 criteria via a series of interviews). HOW TO CHOOSE A FOREST SCHOOL TRAINER

Testimonial 1

“Being a registered trainer means you consciously work on principles one and five; reflecting on your own practice and keeping up with CPD. It keeps you “up to speed” and “on your game”. It’s great to be an FSA Registered Forest School Trainer. Maintaining and offering quality training will make a difference to the quality of trainees gaining their leadership certificate – which in turn will ensure participants benefit from going to a forest school which has the six principles at it’s heart.

It can be difficult to chose between trainers if there are several in your area and I am hoping that this will make a difference. Quality training means quality forest school leaders, which means more people outside, connecting to nature, building community and being excited by Forest school as an effective ethos to support holistic development.

The application process has been well supported and positive”

Carol Middleton

Testimonial 2

“I think that it is important for potential trainees to be able to make informed decisions and to have the reassurance that a training provider has undergone a rigorous, independent process to look at the quality of their training. Quality training is not just about practitioners getting value for money but also about maintaining the Forest School ethos.

I have found the stage one process really helpful in thinking about what I do and filling in a few small gaps in terms of policies and procedures. Having to provide evidence to meet the criteria forced me to set out my thinking clearly for others to read which in itself helped me clarify my purpose in offering the Level 3 training course”

Richard Irvine

Testimonial 3

“Going through the FSAs Trainer’s Quality Assurance Scheme has truly been the very best CPD I could have engaged in. This has given me a structure and hugely detailed process to examine every aspect of my training practice with benchmarks to gauge my effectiveness against.

My FSA Registered Forest School Trainer status will hopefully give prospective learners confidence in the quality of the training that is being offered. In an open market it will help to have the ‘best’ professional endorsements available from the national professional body”

Sarah Lawfull

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