We are really excited to announce that the Agored Cymru Level 3 qualification ‘Certificate in Leading Forest School‘ is now fully supported by the FSA.

We are very grateful to members of the ‘Outdoor Learning Network for Wales’ who have worked with us to ensure that the latest revision of the Agored qualification could be supported by the FSA.

This means that the Agored Cymru Level 3 ‘Certificate in Leading Forest School‘ may be used by applicants to the FSA Recognised Forest School Provider scheme (this applies to anyone awarded this qualification in the past). It also means that Forest School trainers offering courses, resulting in this Agored qualification, are now eligible to apply to the Forest School Trainers Quality Assurance scheme.

The FSA now supports 8 Awarding Organisations that offer Forest School qualifications in the UK. This includes Awarding Organisations in England, Scotland and Wales. The FSA specifically supports the Awarding Bodies listed below. If you want FSA recognition as a Forest School provider please ensure that your trainer is working with one of these Awarding Organisations. All FSA Endorsed Forest School Trainers offer eligible courses.

Agored Cymru (Qualifications in Wales framework)

AIM Awards


ITC First

LASER Awards 

Newbattle Abbey College (Scottish Credit and Qualifcations Framework)


Open College Network West Midlands

While FSA support of an Awarding Organisation goes not guarantee that one of their centres (trainers) is delivering quality Forest School training it does ensure that in addition to the standard OfQUAL requirements:

1. All the trainers working with an FSA supported Awarding Body have a level 3 Forest School qualification themselves.

2. All the trainers working with an FSA supported Awarding Body have at least two years, post qualification, experience leading Forest School with at least one long term (i.e. through the seasons) programme.

3. All the trainers working with an FSA supported Awarding Body are setting minimum age requirements for entry to level 2 and level 3 Forest School courses (18 and 21 respectively).

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