GB Forest School Trainers Network and the FSA

The current GB Forest School Trainers network grew out of a trainers network established in Wales in 2006 and has grown in number to 26 members in Scotland and England. There are approximately 10 members in the Welsh network, which has representatives on the GB network.

Members of the GB Trainers Network

The aims of the network are
• sharing good practice through standardisation of assessment practise and guidance notes
• helping build Forest School training capacity through agreed channels
• exploring the possibility of a Forest School National Award

Over the years, the network has reviewed the qualification offered under the Open College Network awarding body and this has resulted in this OCN qualification becoming the nationally accepted training at level 1, 2 and 3 in England as of 1 Mar 2013. It has been passed by OFQUAL and is now on the English Qualification Credit Framework (QCF). The FSA has been the gatekeeping/governing body that has supported the qualifications being accepted on to the QCF. There are different arrangements in Wales, where the qualification is awarded through Agored. All current Scottish trainers work through OCN regions in England. There are some initial discussions underway looking at both the Welsh and Scottish qualification frameworks.

The FSA will, in the future, be endorsing trainers and training providers against certain standards. These standards are being worked on at the present and will provide the benchmark for Forest School training.

Currently, the FSA is signposting people to those organisations that have met the membership criteria for the Trainer’s Network and are current members.

Once the FSA standards have been agreed details will be posted on this website.

For more details about the Trainer’s Network see the accompanying guidance notes.

FS Trainers Network Guidance Notes 1 – Network Aims and Membership (april 2012)

FS Trainers Network Guidance Notes 2 – History of Forest School Training Network (feb 2011)

FS Trainers Network Guidance Notes 3 – Network Application Process 2014

How to choose a Forest School trainer

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