‘Climate of Hope- Sustainable Forest School’ will be the focus of the 2021 FSA National Conference at The Hillend Outdoor Education Centre, Eynsham road, Farmoor, Oxfordshire. 

We are looking for inspirational people who can facilitate practical and theoretical workshops for this year’s FSA Conference. Can you bring new ideas and actions that inspire our delegates to enhance their Forest School settings? This year the conference will explore sustainability and nature connection at Forest School. we aim to consider how it can bring hope by instilling caring attitudes, promoting joy and wonder in nature and inspire individuals and communities towards positive advocacy and action. Workshops which fit with this theme will be particularly welcome. Although of course there will be a demand for Forest School theory, research and practical skills too.We are also seeking tool and craft based, open minded workshop leaders. To be involved in a ‘play zone’ where people of all levels and experience can share skills, and try new things.

After the stress and uncertainty of living with the pandemic we anticipate that the needs of Forest School leaders will be varied and recognise the time to connect, network and explore will be hugely important. We are designing this conference to give people more flexibility to choose whether they delve deeper into a specific topic or spend more time exploring and networking. We are looking for 1 ½ hr and 2hr workshops. 

Please submit your Workshop Presenter Application Forms by the end of May 2021 (not as indicated in the document end of April).

Incentives for Workshop Providers

Thank you so much for offering to run a workshop at the FSA Conference: Climate of Hope, Sustainable Forest School.

As a thank you for your help we are able to offer the following incentives:

Workshop leader providing 1 workshop You get 1/3 off the price of a weekend conference, catering and camping ticket (a £59 saving)
Workshop leader providing 2 workshops You get 2/3 off the price of a weekend conference, catering and camping ticket (a £118 saving)
Workshop leader providing 3 workshops You get one free weekend conference, catering and camping ticket (a £177 saving)

As a not-for-profit organisation we are unfortunately unable to offer any travel expenses.

When bookings go live in the summer we will contact you to tell you how to book your conference ticket to ensure that you get the correct reduction applied. We need to ensure that everyone is booked in so that we know who will be on site to fulfil Hill End’s fire safety regulations.

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