November 18th                 8pm-9.30pm

This Wednesday Webinar is looking into Somatic and body based practices and how they can inform our practise in Forest School and the outdoors.  How can we work with trauma and anxiety through our body to connect more compassionately and creatively with each other and the natural world?  More details will be available next week.

Madelanne Rust-D’Eye will be facilitating this webinar.  Her approach is body-focused, practical and experiential.  Her practise is scientifically-based, informed by the latest insights from neuroscience and embodied psychology.  Madelanne is a Body- and Movement-Based Psychotherapist with an MA in Somatic Counselling Psychology, from Naropa University.  

Link to find out more about Madalanne and her services

Link to register for this webinar

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