FSA April Wednesday Webinar April 13th – 8.00 pm – 9.30 pm

This In the Thickett webinar is being facilitated by Lily Horseman and Jon Cree, both experienced practitioners when it comes to ‘play’ with various developmental stages of child and young people’s development.  

They will be exploring;

  • what the theory of play and the ludic process looks like in practice 
  • how do we, as practitioners, interact with play frames, recognise play cues and avoid ways of ‘adulterating’ the learner’s play process.
  • what a nature-based play cycle looks like 
  • what aptitudes Forest School practitioners can consider in order to support play in Forest School.

A number of examples Forest School play episodes will be used to back up what Lily and Jon will be bringing to the webinar.

Jon Cree has been involved with Forest School for many years as a practitioner, trainer and FSA director and enjoys nothing more than running, crafting and nattering around the fire in the woods in a playful, sometimes cheeky way, wherever he is in the world.

Lily Horseman has a fierce reputation for play, laughter, dry jokes and deeply thoughtful and compassionate practice, that has always supported a playful atmosphere in any Forest School setting.  She was one of the pioneers of the wild play movement in the UK and has been a practitioner, trainer and FSA director for quite a time!

Link to register for the Ludic Process webinar

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