The FSA was fortunate enough to receive a grant from the Ashden Trust in 2019 to develop a very important project for our community. That is a web app that would allow large numbers of Forest School leaders and their participants to generate a national scale stream of data for years to come.

The data collected would allow leaders and the FSA to monitor the impact of Forest School over time. It would concentrate on children’s skills, creativity, independence, resilience, confidence and well-being? This would help individual Forest School leaders to create an evidence base that demonstrates the effectiveness of their work to decision-makers. The aggregated data would be used to inform national research projects. This would create an ‘evidence base’ that would likely allow the FSA to advocate for policy change.

The FSA identified a web app developer to work with in 2019. They agreed to do the work below the market rate. Then COVID struck and we were not able to get going with the project until the start of 2021. The developer agreed to complete the bulk of the work over the summer because the project deadline was the end of September 2021. Unfortunately, we have been let down because this did not happen.

We need your help. Do you know of a good web app developer who would be able and willing to work with us at short notice? Here is the tricky part. The original quote was below market rate and that is all we have available in the budget. So they must be willing to do the work for a very modest fixed sum.

The Ashden Trust has kindly given us an extension to complete the work by the end of December 2021. The content and thinking about the structure and functionality of the app have already been done.

If you or someone that you know can help us please contact Gareth Davies as soon as possible and ideally before 30th September.

Thank you.

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