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***Sorry folks – We tried our best, worked over the weekend to make it happen, but we will not be able to get the new book delivered to the conference for sale. We expect there to be proofs available for people to see.***

We are working flat out to have the new A4 sized 250 page FSA book ready in time for the conference 1st-3rd October. 

Pre-Order on this page (link)

The RRP for the book is £24.99.
FSA members get a 10% discount – £22.50
We intend to sell the book at the conference for £22.50.

We would like to offer local groups, trainers or anyone else who may be interested the opportunity to buy copies of the book in bulk at the conference at a reduced price of £17.50 / book. 

This is a 30% discount against RRP.

They come in boxes of 10 so we would be selling for £175/box.

This offer is dependent on us actually being able to get the books to the conference on time. It can only apply to the conference because we are basically passing on savings by not having to package and ship books separately.

If you are interested in this offer please let me know so that we can plan accordingly. We will need to have the correct number of books sent directly to the conference venue.

Please email gareth@forestschoolassociation.org to make bulk orders (min 1 box of 10 books).

Book details are below.

Thank you,


BLURB ……………………………………………………..

This comprehensive and illustrative guide to setting up a Forest School is a compilation of knowledge and wisdom from some of the Forest School Association’s most experienced trainers, leaders and members. 

This book bridges the gap between the ‘Forest School curious’ and those already committed to setting up a Forest School. It tackles all the relevant information and reflective insight needed to Grow a Forest School from the roots up. Covering important topics such as:

• The Forest School ethos and principles
• The benefits of Forest School provision
• The role of a Forest School Leader
• Developing a new Forest School Enterprise
• Setting up new Forest School provision
• Land use and landowner agreements 
• Finding and maintaining a Forest School site

Is setting up a Forest School the right thing for you? This book will help you decide. If the answer is ‘yes’, it will put your Forest School journey firmly on the right path.  Maybe you know someone who is thinking about setting up a Forest School or wants to change the world? 
Then this book needs to be in their hands!

The Forest School Association (FSA) is the professional body for the Forest School community in the UK. Our members promote best practice and ‘Quality Forest School for All’. We maintain national professional standards for recognised Forest School qualifications, training and provision. Working with our members and affiliated local FSA groups around the country we create guidance material for practitioners, schools and parents that communicate a strong and clear vision of Forest School. Our members enjoy a fellowship based on a common understanding of, and appreciation for, the Forest School ethos and principles.

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