With the help of Margaret Armitage and our friends at AdventurePlus we have been able to offer this invaluable service to our members for the last five years. It has proved very popular and successful, with over 150 applications in the last year.

Unfortunately, our relationship with AdventurePlus will end on 1 August 2022, and we will no longer be able to offer this service for the time being.

This loss of service is due to a government requirement that all DBS umbrella services (which AdventurePlus is) must go entirely digital. AdventurePlus have decided not to follow this route and Margaret will be taking her well-earned retirement.

Geoff Mason, the FSA’s company secretary, is working on finding a suitable digital supplier who could provide a similarly high standard and flexible service. As you will appreciate, this is no easy task as digital services invariably follow a set framework and anything which falls outside of that framework throws a spanner in the works. Geoff is in negotiation with a potential service provider. Still, their processes mean that there will be a gap in service provision between the end of July and the establishment of a new digital service.

In the meantime, we would ask that any members who require enhanced DBS checks act swiftly to get their applications to Margaret at AdventurePlus before the end of July. Margaret has kindly agreed to process all applications received prior to 1 August 2022 and follow them through to delivery, even though she’ll be retired by then!

LINK to FSA DBS service

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