In our modern world today many people have lost the knowledge and understanding of where natural resources come from to make many of our everyday items – we have lost that connection with how important our natural world is in providing those resources.
The Forest School Leader has a valuable opportunity to reconnect children, young people and adults with the natural world by using resources sustainably for participants to make a myriad of natural craft items such as wood spoons and bowls, willow baskets, rings and decorations, natural cordage from fibres, chairs, stools and benches (for faeries and for people!), creative art. The possibilities for inspiring individual creative expression are limitless.
Traditional woodland craft skills are a valuable opportunity for the Forest School Leader to offer managed risk taking for participants having given them full safety training and awareness of all associated risks. Offering traditional crafts is also a great opportunity for learner led learning to be nurtured and developed.
It is the Level 3 Forest School Leader`s responsibility that appropriate risk/risk benefit assessments are in place and that safe craft skills are offered according to their specific policy & procedures.

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