It’s not always easy for an independent practitioner to obtain a DBS check, and, in this day and age, no DBS certificate equals no work. Never fear though, as you would expect, the FSA has the answer.

We are working with Adventure Plus, which is a DBS umbrella body, to supply FSA members with Enhanced DBS certificates. The certification process also comes at a discounted rate.

When looking for an umbrella body to work with, we were very careful to find an organisation which shared our ideals and worked within the outdoor learning industry. Margaret, and the rest of the team at Adventure Plus, are very friendly, efficient and can get your Enhanced DBS certificate turned around in a matter of days.
Once you have completed the relevant form, which Margaret will email to you, and provided copies of the appropriate proofs of ID and FSA membership, as well as made payment, of course, the application process is complete and your details will be sent to the DBS. Your certificate will be sent directly to you from the DBS. All you then have to do is send a scan or photo of it to the FSA Company Secretary, Geoff Mason, who will verify the certificate.

Full details of how to access this valuable service can be found in the ‘member services’ section of the FSA website.

It’s all very well having your DBS certificate but don’t forget the importance of being up to date on safeguarding issues and legislation. Don’t just talk the talk; you really need to be able to walk the walk.

A lot of local authorities offer safeguarding, anti-radicalisation, mental health awareness and other related courses. There are also a number of very good, and affordable, CPD approved, online courses which cover the same vital subjects. Your Safeguarding Foundation (level 2) course should be renewed every three years, in the same way as your Outdoor First Aid training.

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