This year’s FSA AGM took place on the 22nd May 2021 at 11 am. The election of the three standing directors took place in line with AGM and election processes and all three directors were all voted back in to stand for another term. The results were announced during the AGM.

We would like to welcome Sarah Lawfull, Froo Signore and Geoff Mason back to the board.

Total              Votes     % of Vote
Sarah Lawfull     32          94.1%
Geoff Mason      23          67.6%
Froo Signore      22          64.7%

34 people voted out of a possible 1766 eligible members.

The FSA would also like to welcome some new people who have been seconded to the board in an advisory capacity for 12 months.

Sara Knight
Janet Green
Vickie Steward
Carol Middleton
Sunita Thakur

We look forward to introducing these new people over the next few weeks through the newsletter.

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