Post by Sarah Lawfull

Great news from Sara Collins and Sarah Lawfull- FSA trustees and leads of the FSA inspired Nature Premium campaign. 

“Since receiving the initial grant from the Ashden Trust we have been meeting every three weeks with Sian and Darren, colleagues at the trust. Their experience of campaigning, and knowledge of the political landscape, is proving invaluable. Before Christmas, they commissioned market research by Fleetwood Strategy and we were delighted to hear last week that a further grant has been made to bring the experience of nature advocate and ex-headteacher Richard Dunne (Harmony Project) onto the campaign team for three months. We now await the report from Fleetwood to inform the strategic messaging of specialist green communications agency Greenhouse PR, brought on board to help us create a campaign that makes a  lasting impact. 

This signals a huge vote of confidence from the Ashden Trustees that the Nature Premium truly is an idea worth sharing. They agree with us and the other supporting organisations that all children need to grow up greener, connected to nature, empowered to live in ways that make them happier and healthier, promoting biodiversity, caring for the planet and themselves.”

There will soon be opportunities for us as individuals and as a community to respond, promote the idea of the Nature Premium and get others to share the message. Watch this space.

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