Storytelling for a Greener World: Environment, Community and Story-Based Learning

(Ed A Gersie, A Nanson and E Schieffelin with C Collison and J Cree).

Published by Hawthorn Press. 2014.

Review by Carol Florence Graham
“Imagine a secluded glade in an ancient woodland filled with dappled sunlight and a gentle breeze. In the clearing there is a table spread with the most magnificent feast of sweet and savoury dishes. Fruit bowls piled high and goblets to drink from. Your gracious hosts invite you to choose whatever you wish to eat and then to sit with them and eat and talk…”

This is how I would like to describe a recently published book, “Storytelling for a Greener World,” which includes a collection of essays that revealhow storytelling can help us connect with ourselves, with others and with the natural world around us. There are contributions from experienced storytellers, academics and environmentalists and educators including Jon Cree the current chair of the FSA.

It is a veritable feast for anyone who is interested in exploring how the imagination can be used to inspire and to educate. There are wise words from deep thinkers; practical ideas for projects or sessions; over forty stories ready for retelling and an extensive bibliography and resource list.

I’ll be savouring it over the summer holidays and I know that I will be using it as a reference for years to come -returning again and again to contemplate the breadth and depth of the material laid out for us. A satisfying read for those who already use stories in their life and work, and a fine starting point for those who would like to begin to use them to promote holistic learning and the importance of caring for the Earth.

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