This page has the various outputs of the 2015 national Forest School conference held at Condover Hall, Fri 23 to Sun 25th October 2015. It includes:

  • Sue Waites Keynote
  • Bob Hughes Keynote and Presentation
  • Stuff of Dreams – Jenny Archard and Deb Millars Workshop
  • Sara Knight Article
  • The Canadian Perspective (Presentation)
  • Mel McCree – Forest School and Friends Around the World (Presentation)

Sue Waites Keynote – Forest School’s Fit: How do Forest School principles work in the wider field of outdoor learning?

Forest School’s Fit Presentation

Bob Hughes Keynote – Play: The Challenges We Face

Powerpoint – Bob Hughes Play – The Challenges We Face Presentation

Keynote – Play – The Challenges We Face at FS (word)

Stuff of Dreams Workshop – Jenny Archard and Deb Millar

Stuff of Dreams FSA National Conference 2015 Summary

Sara Knight Conference Booklet Article

Valuing Our ‘First Nation’ Wisdom

The Canadian Perspective

Canadian Perspective Powerpoint

Forest School And Friends Around the World – Mel McCree

Mel McCree World FS & Friends Presentation

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