Who doesn’t like mud!?!  I sometimes chat about how you make mud and whether soil has clay, or sand or plant matter in it.  As soon as the children have started to stir the soil/water I go around and ask to see their hands.  They proudly show clean hands and I tell them off for being too clean and smear mud over their hands.  I can still hear the cries of shock and sometimes horror (I will be sensitive to the children, I have seen a child shaking and retching (but this was an extreme reaction) because of concern about getting dirty).  Once the children have relaxed into the play its fun to point to a clean arm and helpfully inform the child they have a mark on their arm and then make one with a muddy finger.

 Sterilized Top Soil  004  003
 161  048  042
 061  113  203

Post mud making we make mud faces on trees and mud monsters with pinecones, its a shame to waste good mud.

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