During the year I store any wire coat hangers left over from dry cleaning on top of the wardrobe (coat hangers can take on a life of their own when you try storing them).  Then by December I have enough to demonstrate the Christmas wreath.  I have also spoken nicely to a friendly lady at the dry cleaners who gave me a load for free, but her not so friendly colleague charged me 15p per coat hanger.

Just make the coat hanger a bit round and weave ivy around it.  It helps if someone holds the wire while a partner does the weaving.  When you start a second length of ivy hook the end between the wire and ivy half way along the first.  Repeating this avoids all the ends being in the same place and makes for a more even wreath.  Once you can’t see the white of the wire start adding holly or pine sprigs until it has taken on the look you are searching for.  Remember that the wreath has a front and a back, so you only need to add to the front once you have chosen which side it is.  A ribbon or jute twine around the hook helps to disguise the wire at the top.  Tannah!

Christmas wreath

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