Coping with Covid 19 Stress and Anxiety

The Covid 19 epidemic is big news and we absorb the barrage of media from all around us.  This can be incredibly stressful and worrying.

The World Health Authority has produced some useful tips on not getting stressed about the Covid 19 outbreak.  This handy pdf gives sensible guidelines about where to look for information as well as guidance about what can be done to reduce stress, during this challenging time. Click on the link for your guide to managing Covid19 stress.

As adults, we often forget that children listen to our conversations and form their own ideas, concerns, and worries about topics we don’t think they know anything about.  In Forest School, we give children more credit than this, so our woodland classrooms could become the place to talk about issues or fears without being judged.

The World Health Authority has produced a handy pdf to help reduce children’s stress.  The pdf is specifically geared to help adults reduce child stress around the infection and whilst it is geared towards parents the messages are still valid within the Forest School arena.

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