About the Forest School Research Symposium

About the Symposium


Forest School is still a relatively new educational approach and it has a huge potential for change on an individual level as well as societal level. Over the years the Forest School Association has advocated and promoted Forest School, its ethos, and its six core principles. This advocacy has grown stronger with the emergence of more and more research and theory around Forest School.  However, it is clear that without research and statistics, this advocacy may well not be heard or acted upon.

This symposium will look at research and papers that are influenced by or lend understanding to the world of Forest School. There will be a chance to hear about new research papers, have discussions about future research in Forest School and to identify any gaps or synergies in the research.

Who are the Forest School Association and what do we do?



Forest School Research Symposium – Programme

We are hugely excited to announce the full Forest School Research Symposium Programme – showing all of the fantastic research being presented at the event in June.  You can download a copy the full programme below.  We still have spaces left for people to register for the event.

Front cover - select to download the Symposium Program

Reasons for Developing an International Symposium for Forest School



  • To establish ‘Forest School’ as a distinct area for research (with a common understanding of the 6 principles that underpin the Forest School ethos).
  • To bring together an international community of researchers with interests that are relevant to Forest School.
  • To offer a platform to share research.
  • To identify opportunities for cross-discipline collaboration.
  • To identify gaps in research areas.
  • To develop opportunities for Forest School practitioner research.
  • To identify resources, including funding, for Forest School research.
  • To be an inception point for future Forest School research coordination and dissemination of findings.
A group of leaders gather in front f a face made of clay attached to a tree, with leaves as a kind of mane

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