Post by Jo Phillips

The Nature Premium is a simple idea yet radical one.  To ensure that nature is threaded through every part of every child’s education, from the early years throughout secondary school.  The evidence is abundant in respect of health and wellbeing and this could benefit a generation

alongside their families and educators. 

We have ambitions that all children will grow up knowing their place in the world. By understanding the connectedness of life on earth, and caring for the planet they will gain the skills and knowledge to improve their local environment, enhance communities, promote biodiversity, think globally, and grow up greener through the Nature Premium. 

The Nature Premium is gaining ground and attention from many sectors and it’s not surprising.  The latest buzzwords in Westminster are all-around working more collaboratively with other Departments.  The Nature Premium offers an holistic approach towards Health, Education, Economy and Environment. So if they want a legacy project that will help bring Government Departments together the Nature Premium is that gift. 

Recent funding from The Ashden Trust has provided much more than financial aid to the campaign.  The experienced team at Ashden provide support in a variety of ways, like the upcoming marketing and promotional campaign.  The whole team are working hard to create a campaign that will help raise the profile of The Nature Premium and make it a household name. 

Forest School Leaders and Outdoor Educators are central to the delivery of The Nature Premium model.  If you would like to volunteer to help the campaign reach its goal please get in touch we would love to hear from you. 

Email Dr Sara Collins –

or visit for more information.

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