HOT OFF THE PRESS; Message from Birnbeck Insurance regarding rope swings, and tree climbing (dated June 14th 2013)

Hi Everyone,
It is proposed that the following will be included in any future new business, and/or renewal policies with Birnbeck Insurance. All those currently mid-term are confirmed as being unaffected until their respective renewal dates.

The wording that follows has been broadly taken from the Forestry Commission protocols on the use of such equipment, and also other similar risk assessment documentation, please see

Use of swing/rope swing/play equipment 
It is a condition precedent to our liability that, prior to the use of any swings or play equipment, the following special precautions will be complied with:-
1.  The rope and attachments are to be tested for strength by pulling firmly,
2.  The rope is checked for fraying or damage, and if found to be frayed or damaged in any way it is not to be used and replaced immediately,
3.  The tree is inspected and deemed suitable to hold the swing and/or play equipment,
4.  The full height from the end of the rope at its highest likely swing point, or that of any play equipment, must not exceed 2 metres from ground level,
5.  The potential fall zone shall be suitable terrain, including grass, bare earth or leaf litter typical of woodland floors. The fall zone shall be additionally checked for hazarda, such as sharp objects.
We propose the following additional premiums:-
a) Those without swings or play equipment – no change
b) Those with swings/play equipment who cater for early years and primary school aged children only (0-10 years), and are able to comply with the above new condition – no charge
c) Those with swings/play equipment who cater for other age children and adults, and are able to comply with the above new condition – Additional £26.25
d) Tree climbing extension to 5 metres has previously been agreed at £26.25 additional. If this extension is already in place, then there will be no further charge to include c) above
e) For all those with swings/play equipment that exceed the limits above, or involve equipment in or above water – please refer for our advice.
I do hope that the above will do much to alleviate your fears, and those posting items on the various social networking sites.
Please remember always, if in any doubt, check back with me to discuss.
Kind regards
Eddie Prest
Forest School Insurance Consultant
Birnbeck Finance Ltd, 


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