The purpose of this code is to support our vision of ‘quality Forest School for all’ by empowering our members to participate, share and inspire people through their contact with Forest School. Following this code is one way FSA members support the FSA’s articles of association.

1. Celebrate and promote the Forest School philosophy
1.1 It is important for clarity that all FSA members have a unified understanding of the Forest School philosophy. Members should define Forest School clearly to others using the definition adopted by the FS community in 2011. You can view principles and criteria for good practice here.

1.2 Members should celebrate and promote quality Forest School work across the UK and beyond.

1.3 Members should work together to improve understanding of Forest School and its benefits to wider audiences.

2. FSA membership responsibilities
2.1 The FSA as an organisation may be judged by the conduct of individual members, directors and regional groups. All members should conduct themselves in a way that reflects the vision, aims and values of the FSA and which promotes the work of FSA.

2.2 Members should ensure that their Forest School practice is within UK laws at all times, following the good practice guidelines of the Forest School principles and criteria, and does not bring the FSA or Forest School into disrepute.

2.3 The logo of the FSA belongs to the association and should not be used in any way by individual members, unless the member has been given specific permission from the FSA.

2.4 Modified FSA logos can be used by those granted permission to use them, but must only be used in the circumstances prescribed by the FSA.

2.5 Members are encouraged to participate and contribute to the ongoing work of the FSA, for example through consultations, local groups and online services.

2.6 Members should use their membership benefits appropriately for the mutual benefit of all FSA members. Individual members should safeguard the benefits of their membership, and not transfer these benefits, such as their website password, to others.

3. Sustainable practices & care of the environment
3.1 Forest School aims to reconnect people to nature for the mutual benefit of people and the planet. Members should have an awareness of environmental issues and demonstrate a commitment to caring for our environment.

3.2 Members should share ideas and support each other to develop sustainable and ethical practices.

4. Additional

4.1 Members will not add any copyrighted material to the FSA website without the consent of the owner of that material. Where a member breaches this rule the FSA shall hold them personally liable for any costs associated with their actions.

4.2 Members will not add any licensed material to the FSA website unless they own the licence and the licence gives them express permission to use the material on the FSA website. Where a member breaches this rule the FSA shall hold them personally liable for any costs associated with their actions.

4.3 Members will follow the guidelines and rules for communication on the FSA website.

4.4 It is a requirement of FSA membership to agree to adhere to the code for the duration of an individual’s subscription. A member who, following investigation, is found to be in breach of this code of conduct may, as an ultimate sanction, have their membership revoked.

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