The Play Safety Forum have published a very useful looking guide called ‘Managing Risk in Play Provision: Implementation guide’. Our own patron, Tim Gill, is one of the authors. We invite members to review this guide from a Forest School practice perspective (edit this page).

Managing Risk in Play Provision: Implementation Guide

This guide shows how play providers can develop an approach to risk management that takes into account the benefits to children and young people of challenging play experiences, as well as the risks. The guide is based on the Play Safety Forum’s position statement Managing Risk in Play Provision: A position statement (Play Safety Forum, 2002). It starts from the position that, while outside expertise and advice are valuable, the ultimate responsibility for making decisions rests with the provider. This guide is written for those responsible for managing play provision, and for those involved in designing and maintaining such provision. The general approach should also be useful for those who manage other spaces and settings in which children play. There is currently some confusion and anxiety about play safety. Many providers are unclear about their responsibilities and duties, and how these relate to the law, public policy, standards and guidance. More positively, there are signs of constructive debate and ahealthier policy climate.

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