Learning a variety of knots/lashings with their applications and ability to be able to successfully tie one thing to another is a fantastic life skill to pass on to all participants (adults included!) at your Forest School.    From a simple timber hitch to the more complex bowline – the process of learning any knot will vary from one person to another.  There are lots of knots with lots of different applications and just need lots of practice!

It is the Level 3 Forest School Leaders responsibility to ensure any work using knots and lashings is risk/risk benefit assessed and carried out according to the appropriate safe policy & procedures.

Some useful links and resources for knots and lashings:

Animated knots by Grog  –http://www.animatedknots.com/

Knots arranged by category and taught by step by step photos that can be played together as an animation. You can also download an app for those of you with fancy phones.

Net Knots http://www.netknots.com/

Has the knots as step by step images as if on cards …in fact I think they sell cards of the knots too!…and another app I think.

Rope Works – http://www.ropeworks.biz/

Sells a number of knot/rope resources – books/DVDs etc.

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