It is the Forest School Leader`s responsibility to develop their own tool use to be confident, competent and safe when working with traditional tools and to be able to pass on that knowledge and skill to enable Forest School participants if and when ready, to develop their personal confidence and competence to work safely over time.  It is the Forest School Leader`s responsibility to ensure that all tools are maintained, stored securely, transported and used according to UK Knife Law.

The Level 3 Forest School Leader safely introduces the process of using hand tools appropriate to the individual participant and task in hand, only when they are ready to experience and develop this wonderful aspect of Forest School.  Natural resources are used in a sustainable way to make craft items with bladed tools.

It is important for the Forest School Leader to facilitate the process of using traditional hand tools over time, to allow for individual creativity and freedom of creative expression to be fully explored and nurtured safely.

It is the Level 3 Forest School Leader`s responsibility to ensure appropriate risk/risk benefit assessments are in place and the safe use of hand tools is in accordance with their tools policy and procedures.

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