Man has always had a fascination with fire and a successful safe camp fire can be a fabulous integral feature of your Forest School.  Fire will lift your spirits – it`s something primal in all of us; when we see the flickering flames, hear the fire crackle as it burns and smell the wood smoke, we feel comforted especially when we see a pot of wholesome food cooking for our supper or the water boiling for our warming hot chocolate!

Fire offers endless opportunities for managed risk taking, however, the skill of creating fire is not enough.  The art of managing your fire sustainably; for its intended purpose and managing the safety of all those around, is a crucial part of fire craft if you are to keep your group happy, safe and of course your environment safe too.

It is the Level 3 Forest School Leader`s responsibility to ensure appropriate risk assessments are in place and the camp fire is lit and managed under their safe fire lighting policy and procedures.

Successful fire craft takes practice by everyone involved and a truly wonderful addition to your Forest School – enjoy the process!

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