Case study guidance notes

The FSA is a growing repository for practitioner-research, with the intention of building a body of evidence that can contribute to our developing understanding of Forest School. Please see the following document, which explains the research rational behind this:

Forest School as a Way of Learning in the Outdoors in the UK

If you have a document you would like to share with the wider FS community:

  1. Submit your document using a frequently used format such as a Word doc. or PDF. 
  2. Please make sure that your contact details are at the top of the document, so that people know how and who they should get in contact with if they are interested in your work.
  3. If the information has been used in any publications, do check that you are not infringing copyright by submitting it to the website.
  4. Please ensure you can evidence basic ethical good practice:
         –  Anonymity of subjects and locations
         –  Permission from all participants and, in the case of minors, also from their legal guardians 

Please email your document to and mark it for the attention of the Research Working Group. This group will consider the case study and assign it with one or more ‘tags’ by which it can be stored and searched for. You may wish to indicate which of these tags (or any others) your case study should be assigned. They are as follows:

Early years, Primary, Secondary, Working with adult groups, Special educational needs, Emotional learning, Social effects, Curriculum links, Language and communication, Working with parent groups, Creativity, Story telling, Sense of place

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