by Sarah Lawfull


ISBN: 978-1-912480-55-5
This is a great resource from the founder of Storytelling Schools that will help Forest School leaders and family groups to bring storytelling back around the hearth or into the den. 

In sharing these stories from different cultures, with simple ideas to make the telling ‘dramatic’, engaging, and collaborative, Chris Smith brings the lost art of storytelling back into the ‘family’ setting of Forest School, opening our minds to the wonders of the world. 
I especially like the stories behind the stories, the explanation of where he first heard or read them. The addition of sources offers a rich library for leaders, parents, and anyone wanting to remember this valuable community-building skill. This book gently asserts that humans are all born storytellers and offers ways to rediscover the joy to be had in sharing traditional tales out loud. 
Tips I learned from him when I was a class teacher many, many, years ago, have stood the test of time. He helped me understand the power of stories to change and inspire people. His training released me from the grip of perfectionism, from believing I had to get everything right all the time. This book is a great one for the FS leaders’ toolkit. It will help us to help our children build confidence in their unique voices through the art of oral storytelling. 
I shall be recommending this to all the Forest School leaders and early years practitioners I train!
‘ Sarah

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